1. Ugly

Diamonds were once an ugly stone.

2. Break

Breaking her is totally worth it!


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House and Home

A picture of my dream house — the house in my dreams rather.

Last night, I dream that I’m in a building of black and white. It seems familiar that I wander around the corridor and move casually as if it’s mine. About a minute or so, I recognized that it’s a fully furnished house .

Oh my! This is clearly a trespassing ! I panicked with that thought in my head.

I frantically ran out of the house then I heard someone calling me.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

I turned my head to her and suddenly I feel at home .

“Honey..” I heard myself said.

She smiled. “Yes , honey?”

Then before I could say anything, I was drag back to reality . I woke up.

Three days after, she’s talking about getting a house for us.

What a coincidence , right?

I can’t help it but smile ’cause i know, it will be a home rather than just a house when I’m with her.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun


Good morning! Sun here. 🙂

I woke up feeling cold so I decided to get some warm breakfast.

I’m thinking of getting a ramen but it’s raining crazy since yesterday and I’m so lazy to go out that I ended up having instant. Hmmm..not bad tho as it is called ‘Jin Ramen’ anyway.

I had ramen for breakfast !

Yummmmyy! It’s not so much spicy and suits my taste well.

Burp! I’m full and I feel like going back to bed again #BedWeather.

I would still love to eat some real ramen with my Moon next time . I miss you , honey.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun