Born with nothing

We are all born with nothing.

No memories of the past that will keep us haunting every night.
No religion to teach the creed and way of life.

No nation or flag that we need to preserve.

No name and reputation  to be kept and protected.

We are all born naked with nothing just our skin on us.

We are all born equal and the same until we decided

to have things to call our own ;

to protect things we don’t really have;

to have our own nightmares and forget where we came from.

We ended up killing each other to “protect” ..

My only question is, why??

Β© Eclipse Stories Β°Sun


22 thoughts on “Born with nothing

  1. you can find the answer within your heart if you just open your eyes and try to consider their side. Even they give us a million reason for this, it won’t satisfy us. Because we have our own perspective that can actually answer this. I have my answer but it won’t also satisfy you. Find your own answer. Though it is not what you believe, I know you can atleast view and understand their side.

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  2. I also hate this way of people of protecting. But if it is my last resort to protect you or them maybe I will do it. My reason? No words can express my reasons and no words can explain for them to understand my reason.

    But no worries, this things won’t happen. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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