Ms. Bittersweet

She is cold but her eyes are warm.

those frigid stares,

can behold the benevolent of someone.

her intelligent mind can create catastrophe,

but accustom it to disperse kindness.

her bitterness is the sweetness in my life.

she is the queen of the ice,

a glassware ice that is fragile to touch.

this evil-eyed yawn girl is my angel.

ours is a connected faith by a curse pill.

a journey we face unitedly,

me and her is something cannot be detached.

a partner that I will protect in my entire life.
©Moon ° Eclipse Stories


It is not on how you stand tall,

It is on how you won’t let others fall.

It is not on what will you gain, 

It is what you can do to bestead.

It is not to be lofty,

It is lifting people highly.

Authority is just temporary,

Influence is to infinity.

Respect will be received,

for those who are sincere.

It is eath to have a rank,

but power is not easily granted.

It is not about flying confidently up to the sky and be an eagle.

It is about of who can pull her own feather to become other wing’s healer.
Not a boss but more than a leader.


Love is different from lust.

Love is not always about attraction.

It’s not always about sex.

You can’t call it love by just being compatible in bed.

Love is knowing the value of that person.

No matter how hard the situation is.

No matter how much distance,

loyalty always remain.

Understanding despite of different perspective.

Concerns beyond those anger.

Respect even that person disrespect you.

Care even to those who hurt you the most.

Protecting that person even after the betrayal.

Love is not always for happiness.

Love is not just for fulfilling your sexual desire.

Love is learning how to be the kindest,

even to those who don’t deserve it.

Love is knowing the person,

who worth your tears and pain.

And you can never have this kind of love,

if you don’t even know how to love this way. 

Are you gay?

“Are you gay?” she asked.

Am I gay? Seriously?

How would you define being gay? Being attracted with the same gender? 

But I’m not attracted into men. I only love one special man. He is an exception. Falling in love with him doesn’t mean I already change my preference.

I’m not blind.

I’m not insane.

I know he is a man.

But I’m inlove. 

Inlove with him despite of knowing that he is a man.

Am I gay?

Maybe I am or maybe I’m not. 

Does it matter? Why do we need to label people by the way they love and who they love?

Love is acceptance. 

Categorizing  is extrinsic.

Love is love.

No need to be label.

“I call it LOVE”  I answer.

ⓒEclipse Stories ゜Moon

My Best Friend is my Soulmate

I made a mistake, you just smiled at me.

I’m afraid, you hold my hands.

I’m lost, you always have your way to find me.

I’m alone, despite of the distance, you go after me.

I showed my darkest side, you love me the way I am.

You made me perfect by my imperfection.

To heal is to be with you because of the connection of our hearts.

You’re not just a friends, Not just a bestfriends, not just a sisters, more than just a lover. 

You are my soulmates and you’re irreplaceable.

ⓒEclipse Stories ゜Moon


Lion’s POV

“why are you walking slowly?” I heard him asking.

“I don’t know how much space I should spare to be appropriate”

I honestly don’t know what is wrong. I thought everthing is fine. I always want to be by his side, so I could take care of him. I thought being with me can ease his fatigue. I thought I did the right but his indication tells different. Why does he always push me away everytime I move closer to him? Do I make him uncomfortable? But why? Doesn’t he love me the way I love him? All this years, I feel like he is still uncertain with our relationship. Is it still foreign to him? How much distance does he needed to be gratify? I love him so much that I will do everything for him even if it is baneful to me.

Turtle’s POV

“I don’t know how much space I should spare to be appropriate” his answer is like a sword that directly stab my heart.

I look deeply into his eyes. What have I done? No! I don’t want to see him being melancholic. It brings pain into my heart. I know he starts to doubt everything. What can I do to remove all his doubts? I love him so deeply to the point that I feel uncertain with my own self.

I feel insecure.

I can’t give him everything.

I know I can’t.

I’m afraid that our love won’t last forever. I want the best for him. I know he deserves it. But what can I do? I can’t let him go. I love him so much that I don’t want to let him go. I want him in my life.

©Eclipse Stories °Moon

Lately I have been addicted to Sotus the series, so this is my own version of one of their scene.

I’m loving Kongpob and Arthit lovestory and I’m very proud of Krist and Singto for potraying the characters very well.

Sun and Moon

​You are the morning,

Spreading light and warm.

you are someone to be confide.

You have the courage to show yourself

and everyone loves to see you,

too feel you

I am the night,

Only showing oneself,

when everyone is not around. 

A light that depends on the albedo of the sun.

We are completely different.

Have our own strengths and weaknesses

Also we have our own way

To show our beauty and brightness.

It’s hard for us to meet.

But I believe and willing to wait

For an ECLIPSE to happen. 

ⓒEclipse Stories ゜Moon