Introducing : Sun and Moon

Welcome to our blog!

This blog is a collaboration of Sun and Moon but  together will be called — ECLIPSE .

The most common theme on this blog is expressing love (through letters , poem and short stories), romance and courtship but would slip with other various topic from time to time as well, most specially when something caught the interest of the authors like books, movie , language, Korean and Japanese culture , Science and Mathematics  and some random things about life.

Sun’s Bio

  • Degree holder in Mathematics
  • Currently working as an Analyst
  • Philippines
  • Kpop fan (EXO , Bigbang, 2ne1 , BTS and etc..)
  • Ambivert – somewhere in between Intovert and Extrovert.
  • Favorite books (Best three) : Bible , The little prince and
  • Favorite Movie (Best five) : Zorro, Prince of Persia , John Carter of Mars , Click and 13 turn 30

Moon’s Bio

  • Degree holder in Education Major in Science
  • Currently working as a Public School Teacher (Junior High)
  • Philippines
  • JPop fan (AKB48)
  • Potterhead
  • Introvert
  • Favorite book : Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Movie :

19 thoughts on “Introducing : Sun and Moon

      1. I just love Hermione so much and yes.. I would love it if you post something for her. She’d be a great muse. I wrote poem abt beauty and the beast because I love her– wait..she’s Belle in there but anyways, i love her. Hahah

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