Love is different from lust.

Love is not always about attraction.

It’s not always about sex.

You can’t call it love by just being compatible in bed.

Love is knowing the value of that person.

No matter how hard the situation is.

No matter how much distance,

loyalty always remain.

Understanding despite of different perspective.

Concerns beyond those anger.

Respect even that person disrespect you.

Care even to those who hurt you the most.

Protecting that person even after the betrayal.

Love is not always for happiness.

Love is not just for fulfilling your sexual desire.

Love is learning how to be the kindest,

even to those who don’t deserve it.

Love is knowing the person,

who worth your tears and pain.

And you can never have this kind of love,

if you don’t even know how to love this way. 



Good morning! Sun here. 🙂

I woke up feeling cold so I decided to get some warm breakfast.

I’m thinking of getting a ramen but it’s raining crazy since yesterday and I’m so lazy to go out that I ended up having instant. Hmmm..not bad tho as it is called ‘Jin Ramen’ anyway.

I had ramen for breakfast !

Yummmmyy! It’s not so much spicy and suits my taste well.

Burp! I’m full and I feel like going back to bed again #BedWeather.

I would still love to eat some real ramen with my Moon next time . I miss you , honey.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun


Let these things be put on record :
My job is not the top priority of my life but I’ll do my best to keep it.

I’m a private person and it’s more than an issue of trust ; it is never about me being anti social.

I don’t play safe. It’s just that, I always tries to see and know the other side before taking actions-something that I would like to recommend to everyone.

I speak my mind . I voice out my thoughts not to complain but to let you know my opinions and possible solution.

And finally,

I’m a math major not a calculator!!

I’m a human being.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun