Born with nothing

We are all born with nothing.

No memories of the past that will keep us haunting every night.
No religion to teach the creed and way of life.

No nation or flag that we need to preserve.

No name and reputation  to be kept and protected.

We are all born naked with nothing just our skin on us.

We are all born equal and the same until we decided

to have things to call our own ;

to protect things we don’t really have;

to have our own nightmares and forget where we came from.

We ended up killing each other to “protect” ..

My only question is, why??

© Eclipse Stories °Sun


Give me an apology I deserve.

No matter how long it takes.

Just say ,”sorry.”

It is still relevant to my broken heart.

It can still bring closure to my senses.

It can help me mend my soul.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun

I need no..

I need no photograph to capture every moments with you.

My heart knows when to snap a shot and when to record a loveliest scene that we had.

I need no storage room to store all the memories we made.

My memories with you are safe like a treasure , locked and secured in a vault of love.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun


My soul is unwell.

My heart is trapped.

My mind is wandering somewhere in the cloud.

My soul, heart and soul is lacking and searching.

But somehow , I know how I can get this through.

I just need a healing scent of you.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun

Scent of you..not a perfume or any other scent produced by anything else but YOU.

I know lovers can relate that your partner has this distinct scent that only you would know.. A scent that can bring you to life. ❤



Eyes on you

I don’t mind staring at you for a long time,

I love the beautiful view that you bring.

I don’t care if you are sound asleep,

I just want my eyes fixed on you, my love.


©Eclipse Stories °Sun

I miss you already! Hmmm ..see you!

Let me.

 Let me love you.

Let me show you just how much I miss you.

Through kisses and touch ;

Through gaze and whispers.

You will know that it’s true.

Let me please you.

Let me show you just how much I need you.

Through wimpers and moans;

Through deep breaths and small screams.

Let me know that you need me too.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun and Moon

Good morning our dear stars of Sun and Moon. 😀 we are back from a week of vacation. How are you ? We miss blogging.

Loving you all,


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