House and Home

A picture of my dream house — the house in my dreams rather.

Last night, I dream that I’m in a building of black and white. It seems familiar that I wander around the corridor and move casually as if it’s mine. About a minute or so, I recognized that it’s a fully furnished house .

Oh my! This is clearly a trespassing ! I panicked with that thought in my head.

I frantically ran out of the house then I heard someone calling me.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

I turned my head to her and suddenly I feel at home .

“Honey..” I heard myself said.

She smiled. “Yes , honey?”

Then before I could say anything, I was drag back to reality . I woke up.

Three days after, she’s talking about getting a house for us.

What a coincidence , right?

I can’t help it but smile ’cause i know, it will be a home rather than just a house when I’m with her.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun


I stop writing.

“Do you write??”  I jolted as my friend ask this question.

“Damn! Heira ! I said don’t touch anything!” I ran to her and I saw her holding my old notebook.

“Woah! Oh! You write poem too!” She exclaimed .” You write pretty well although your handwriting is a bit of a mess..but they are good read, Kate.” She said looking amazed.

Did she just compliment my writings? Oh! That was first! It feels good and I think I just blushed.

“So, you wrote these?”

“A-ahh.. Yes, but I already stop writing. This is from way back then.” I answered , reaching out my old notebook in Heira’s hands.


“What do you mean “why?”, I need to stop .” I sarcastically said.


“Because I’m supposed to do something else. Something that is more important than this.”

“I don’t get it. You’re a writer , r-right? How can you just ..stop?”

“Well, that’s life.” I sigh. “I just need to stop to focus on my future.”

“You can do both.” She said as if she’s suggesting me to write while studying Math.

“Hmm..who would dare to be call a ‘writer’ when day and night she holds a calculator on her right hand and a survival table on her left? Tell me.” I challenge her.

“ME!” She chuckled.

I frown a bit and smile thinking that she’s just joking around.

“I’m serious.”

“Yeah right!”

“Come here! I’ll show you..”

After an hour or so..

“So, would you like to do a collab?” Heira asked.

“Hmm..Let me pick a good usernane first.” I said totally forgetting the pain of the past.

 After all, writing is my first and forever love. It was painful to write at first but that how love is..maybe there’s a pain but it will all be worth it in the end.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun

Take me

Kneeling down I said ,”Stop! Don’t beat her. Take me instead.”

I was scared . I was trembling in fear. At my young age, I knew that it was the right thing to do so I exclaimed to him . “Take me!! Take me for whatever. Just don’t beat my mom!”

He then took me and gave me to a stranger —a very old stranger.

Since that night, I live with that stranger. He call me his wife . I call him darling in public but I shout to him –

Demon! Demon! 

For the devil he is!

©Eclipse Stories °Sun