A respond to a six word story challenge hosted by Nicola.

This week’s word prompt : dare.
Just like before, we have more than one story to respond the prompt, some of  them are listed below.


Beheaded the King to marry Queen.



Haunted house–who would go first?



Stepping out of the closet.. Finally!

©Eclipse Stories °Sun and Moon

Any favorite story so far?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the first time I approached you and asked,  “Are you an anime fan?”. I saw Haruhi on your laptop, I assumed that you are a fan too and I’m righ! Since then, we talk about anime and shared our thoughts in anime.

Do you still remember that you treat me different among the others. You always give me consideration, give me souvenirs, and bought me ice cream. Everyone can tell, I am like a younger sister to you.

Do you still remember what I told you before? I want to perform in a musical theatre. You told me to pursue it because my acting was great.

Do you still remember when one of our schoolmate ask me in full of sarcasm ,”you are a science major, right? then, can you tell me what is science?” . Though they are being sarcastic, I was not that much affected. I just ignore them but you got mad and confronted them for me.

Do you still remember?  This is me, your selfish and clingy younger sister.

Before you left, you made a promise.

You will never forget me, as I am your very first friend in that school.

Can you still remember it? Because I do.

You can’t remember me, do you? 

Because if you do, you will not call me “imouto-san”.  This not the way you call me. It was supposed Akira..just Akira.

©Eclipse Stories °Moon



I dream of waking up with you next to my bed.

I dream of serving you breakfast before you go to work.

I dream of buying groceries together with you. I even imagine of us having some conversation on which brand we should pick.

I dream of us doing a lot of stuff together; watching TV, listening music, walk every morning, getting exercise etc.

I dream of growing old with you. Taking care of each other.

I want to take care of you, more than what I can do right now.

I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

My sun, stay with me forever. Always be with my side. 

In the right time, in the right place, in the right moment and in very special way.


I will ask you to live together with me.

©Eclipse Stories °Moon 

Take this as advance proposal. I love you much, Sun.

I love you

My affection towards you is infinity.


I choose you because I love you to the deepest and my heart aches when I’m not with you.


I love you because..

 you makes me feel warm and comfortable;

you makes me feel secure and loved.


I love you no matter how hard the situation is.

I love you even sometimes it is painful.

I love you in any circumtances.

I love you in an unexplainable way.

I love you .. You are worth everything to me. Both my tears and smile, they are worth it!


©Eclipse Stories °Moon


Aren’t you being irritated?

I always utter nonsense stories. I can’t help it! I always got excited when I’m with you and I can’t do anything about it but to talk and talk and talk and tell everything and anything that goes in my head.


Did I hurt you so much?

I easily got mad and always jealous of people around you. You are always special with everyone and I gone crazy of thinking on how can I get your attention..on how can I win you over them.

I just want you be mine and mine only.

Am I being too much?


Sorry if I hurt you so much.

Sorry if I always annoy you.

Sorry if I ask too much.

But I’m not sorry for one thing.

I’m not sorry for loving you so much.

I know it’s selfish to say this but,

this bestfriend of yours is still in love with you..

©Eclipse Stories °Moon