Love is different from lust.

Love is not always about attraction.

It’s not always about sex.

You can’t call it love by just being compatible in bed.

Love is knowing the value of that person.

No matter how hard the situation is.

No matter how much distance,

loyalty always remain.

Understanding despite of different perspective.

Concerns beyond those anger.

Respect even that person disrespect you.

Care even to those who hurt you the most.

Protecting that person even after the betrayal.

Love is not always for happiness.

Love is not just for fulfilling your sexual desire.

Love is learning how to be the kindest,

even to those who don’t deserve it.

Love is knowing the person,

who worth your tears and pain.

And you can never have this kind of love,

if you don’t even know how to love this way. 



A respond to a six word story challenge hosted by Nicola.

This week’s word prompt : dare.
Just like before, we have more than one story to respond the prompt, some of  them are listed below.


Beheaded the King to marry Queen.



Haunted house–who would go first?



Stepping out of the closet.. Finally!

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Any favorite story so far?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the first time I approached you and asked,  “Are you an anime fan?”. I saw Haruhi on your laptop, I assumed that you are a fan too and I’m righ! Since then, we talk about anime and shared our thoughts in anime.

Do you still remember that you treat me different among the others. You always give me consideration, give me souvenirs, and bought me ice cream. Everyone can tell, I am like a younger sister to you.

Do you still remember what I told you before? I want to perform in a musical theatre. You told me to pursue it because my acting was great.

Do you still remember when one of our schoolmate ask me in full of sarcasm ,”you are a science major, right? then, can you tell me what is science?” . Though they are being sarcastic, I was not that much affected. I just ignore them but you got mad and confronted them for me.

Do you still remember?  This is me, your selfish and clingy younger sister.

Before you left, you made a promise.

You will never forget me, as I am your very first friend in that school.

Can you still remember it? Because I do.

You can’t remember me, do you? 

Because if you do, you will not call me “imouto-san”.  This not the way you call me. It was supposed Akira..just Akira.

©Eclipse Stories °Moon