Sun and Moon dares to write and won the challenge!

Wait..what? Eclipse Stories won again?? Woah! Yesss! For the second time, we won a six word story challenge. Thankyou! Thank you so much..

My (Sun’s) winning story for this week’s word prompt : DARE .

Stepping out of the closet.. Finally!

I love writing stories and I could not imagine having it in six words only until I found out about this challenge here in wordpress . It is basically writing your story using six words..SIX WORDS only. Sounds like a challenge , right ? So I tried my hand into it and comment my entry then vioala.. I won something!

My first won brought me to cloud nine..and now, winning for the second time is just.. Wow! *speechless* I can’t explain how I feel at the moment but I’m soo grateful for this award. Thank you, Nicola for your initiative to host this challenge and thank you for everyone that participated this awesome challenge.

Also, thank you Moon for your love and are always an inspiration to your Sun. I love you! ❤

Finally, to my fellow writer who aspires to be a six word story teller , here is my six word advise to you :

Make your story rare but relatable.

More Six word story by Eclipse :

©Eclipse Stories °Sun

We are open to other challenge.. ! 🙂


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