Aren’t you being irritated?

I always utter nonsense stories. I can’t help it! I always got excited when I’m with you and I can’t do anything about it but to talk and talk and talk and tell everything and anything that goes in my head.


Did I hurt you so much?

I easily got mad and always jealous of people around you. You are always special with everyone and I gone crazy of thinking on how can I get your attention..on how can I win you over them.

I just want you be mine and mine only.

Am I being too much?


Sorry if I hurt you so much.

Sorry if I always annoy you.

Sorry if I ask too much.

But I’m not sorry for one thing.

I’m not sorry for loving you so much.

I know it’s selfish to say this but,

this bestfriend of yours is still in love with you..

©Eclipse Stories °Moon


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