How did you become a fan of your idol/Oshi/bias?

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I say we became a fan of something or someone in a certain degree or level at some point of ourlives. Maybe you’re not super addicted to it but I bet you got hooked to it for atleast once..and as for us, we have our oshi (Jpop term of idol) or bias (Kpop term of idol) , that we treasure really dearly in our heart.

Have you ever wonder and look back to your past and ask yourself, “how did I become a fan?”

I have here a list of few common stories of a journeyfrom a simple human being to an extraordinary fan girling and fan boying life! 😉

Influenced by someone close to you..

Surprise? I bet no. How many of us here that become a fan because of your sister,brother ,cousin, friend of friend and etc is a fan too? Maybe they suggested you a music video…

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