A call or a letter? I just need someone to talk to..but who would I call

A father that is in the important conference call with the biggest client he ever had or a mother that is on the other land ?

They are both busy. I know. *Sigh*

Maybe I should just draft the letter.

Or maybe I can ring my brother? Oh! He is now on honey moon. I almost forgot that he just got married to a wonderful woman. He is lucky! I envy him.

I’m thinking of my sister . Maybe she’s busy too but she’s my bestfriend and I hope she will understand. I ring her and gladly, she pick up the phone. We briefly talk mostly about her twins, my cute little nephews are now being accused of being a rascal and a monster  . I laughed.

When I’m about to say it, she cut me saying that she’s running into something and needed to hang up. So I just smiled and let go of a sigh.

“Okay.” I said rested.

“Ok. Bye. will call you soon, lil bro!”

Then she hang up.

I don‘t know why but it hurts. It’s in my heart that hurts the most. It’s my heart that is crying right now and not my eyes.

I heave a sigh again  and finally let go,

“I’m losing my grip, sis. ” I said almost in silence.

“I’m losing it. I don’t know why but I want to end this.” I broke down as I utter those words.

“Mom .. Dad ..  I’m sorry.”

I cried for a while. I let it all go.

After a minute or so, silently I pick up a pen and a paper to draft my final letter to my family.

Smiling I wrote,
“This is not your fault. It’s my decision not yours. I love you all . – Bunso”

I fold the letter neatly and finally drank the special  drink . Hopefully it would lead me to land that I dream of.

A land with no worries, no judgement and no broken promises..

A land that offers joy and peace.




2 hours later..

2 missed call from Dad

1 text message from Mom

3 missed calls in messenger from Big Sis.

2 comments from brother.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun and Moon

Depression is not something you can see with your eyes nor what your ears can hear. It is sometimes hidden in silence, smile and laughter. Communication is the key to fight this..choose to call or visit now than be sorry later with a good bye letter in your hand.

For the victims, no..you’re not alone. Maybe they failed to show you that they care but believe me..they do. Have a little hope in your heart. Keep yourself busy..find your interest and explore the world and your life.

Don’t give up just yet..

Thank you for reading! Love from Sun.. and Moon would like to send her regards and lights as well 🙂



10 thoughts on “Call or letter?

  1. Great post and the message was deep. No one wants to end themselves. They just want to end the suffering. I know words don’t help much. But I agree, they must reach out to their loved ones, people who care about them. To live without suffering you have to be actually alive.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liked it….depression is a serious issue that we should all know about and talk about. The post is really awesome…especially the message you’ve written in the end. The victims are not alone and people might be busy but they care…:)

    Liked by 1 person

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