This is a respond on six word story challenge.

Simple rule is applied , go to 4/15/2017 word prompt post and comment your six word story . One entry per word prompt only–

and that’s Sun and Moon’s problem, we have more than one story for this week’s word prompt.

Here are some of our story to respond on word prompt outcast .

#1. Divided

Divided. Remainder of quotient is me.

#2. Wall

The wall between the world and me.

#3. Seven

We are seven here.. not six.

#4. Invisible

Alone and invisible..I’m here!

#5. Rule

Master’s rule : avoid eye contact.

#6. Untold Story

World’s Untold story: I exist.

#7. Nameless

Name ? I don’t have one.

©Eclipse Stories °Sun and Moon
© Feature Image °Google Images


Comment your favorite and let us know what you think. Or perhaps you want to participate? Would love to hear from you.

Showering lights and love to all.



8 thoughts on “Outcast

  1. Such a selection of poignant stories, how did you ever choose one? The one that made me catch my breath was ‘Master’s rule : avoid eye contact.’

    Thanks for entering the challenge again this week, it’s fun to have you along!

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  2. Hey I nominated you for the Cramm Award if you’re interested because I love your short stories. Check it out: The Cramm Award
    I love learning new things and expanding my knowledge, it’s just something that has always interested me. I’ve only been blogging for a week and I’ve already learnt things. Blogging is also like telling a story which is another thing I enjoy doing. I used to enter writing competitions at school for creative writing because it was a way to present and explore all of the random thoughts in my mind. Through my blog I can do a similar thing! What puts these random thoughts in my head?

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