Message for you.

On this day, everyone seems happy.
It’s a special day for those who are here. They are like dogs with two tails.

They are happy,

they are excited,

they’re having fun,

they are proud.

Yes, they do except for you..


Your eyes speaks different.

Despite of this achievement that you receive, you cant be happy. It’s not because you don’t want to but because you cant.

Maybe this is not what you wished for. Maybe you dream for something else.. I see that this didn’t matter to you than it should’ve had

and I understand. 

Getting high grades and receiving awards are not the things that are important, but your reason to achieve these and for whom you dedicate this achievements. I know you dedicate this to them and it may be hard for you — no.. I know it’s devastating not to be with them by your side in this red letter day.

I know.. and I can feel it.

 The pain inside you. 

This is hard for you.

But I want you to look forward and face your future. There are many things in this world that you deserve to see and experience. There are many beautiful things awaits for you. 

And maybe you can’t be with them but one thing is for sure,

they want you to be in a good circumtances.

I cried so much to see you in front of the stage with loneliness in your eyes. I feel helpless for I can’t do anything. But I believe in you. As your teacher, I believe in your strength.

And for what it is worth..Congratulations! I’m sure they are proud of you as much as I do.

Your teacher

©Eclipse Stories °Moon

I might post a lot more often about teaching and my students after this..cause as of the moment, they are the loudest thoughts in my head that I need to release.

Thank you for reading.




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