“Do not follow your heart.” says the sane voice in my head before picking up the forbidden fruit of Eden.

“I know your heart desires and I see nothing wrong about them. Follow your desires, Eve. Then, you will never go wrong. ” Said the serpent.

I know its wrong but I want to know why it is forbidden.

I know its not right but I want to follow my heart.

Theres nothing wrong in following my heart, right?

I reach for the fruit and look how beautiful and stunning it is.

Let me just know how it taste like and will throw this away. I’m sure it’s bitter. I’m guessing ,it will taste odd.

I will ask forgiveness to Father after. He is forgiving and loving Father, He will surely understand. It is just my curiosity.

I made a bite.

It taste good. Oh! Adam will love this too..

How dare He made this lovely fruit be forbidden?

He is selfish!


©Eclipse Stories °Sun and Moon

© Google Images

Thank you for reading. This is not intended to shame and show disrespect to others who has strong or different religious belief. We apologize if you found this post offensive.

We appreciate everyone that would find this interesting and worth reading. We are wondering if you would like to read another short story from Eclipse ? Here’s a story titled Cake — this has nothing to do with baking.. LOL. It is a story inspired by a life event of one person that is truly special to us. 🙂




19 thoughts on “Heart

      1. Haha.. loved it to bits! I even changed voices when I was reading the dialogues 🙈😄

        Wish I could read this out loud for my students but that would be kinda unholy 😄

        Liked by 2 people

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