Ask Phytagora to measure distance between me and my love.

He will tell you ,

“It is simple . It is measurable. It is not complicated.”

But, ask my heart to show the distance,

and he will cut himself.

Let his blood flow to the ground and say,

“Follow the blood of mine until you reach her.”

By then you will realize that it is not simple nor measurable

’cause every step away from my love means tons of blood to pour out of my heart.
©Eclipse Stories °Sun

Missing my love made me write this ..and here’s another one that I wrote because of missing her.

Thank you for reading.




21 thoughts on “Distance

  1. hhmmmm…. how true, even those well proved things of science and mathematics fails when it comes to human life….you did it well, in few lines said a lot 🙂

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