We’d like to thank Sheetal and Ash for including us in this beautiful thing called as “The Blue Sky Tag”.

Moon is busy at the moment so I’m answering this tag on her behalf. I hope you don’t mind. -Sun

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person(people) who nominated you.
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.



I nominate Sheetal and Ash  , together with some awesome bloggers below :

Sassy Girl Journey


Idealize Blog

Perception Changer

Payal Tyagi

Wengie Girl

New Moon Plan

Sree Blog



Question by Honest Fabler , Ash.

What is your favorite beverage

  • Coke , Beer,  Sprite , Mountain Dew , 7 UP .   Hmm, actually it’s water. Fruit juice is good too. *awkward smile*

Which mystery author would you recommend us?

  • I’m not sure if Bram Stoker is a mystery author but Dracula is mysterious enough for me. LOL 😀

Who is your greatest inspiration?

  • When it comes to writing? No one in particular but I do get my inspiration from nature and experience. 🙂

Elaborate the situation where you would be stuck in a lift with your crush.

  • I will answer this question by changing “with your crush” to “with Moon”. 🙂  Hmm, Moon hates and fears the lift. She rarely take a lift but if one day she decided to take a ride and be stuck with me . I’ll hold her hand and have two things in mind , the lift operator or whoever/ whatever that causes it and honest fabler that ask this question. I refuse to elaborate things from there.

An advice to fellow bloggers.

  • Be honest like the fabler.

Greatest fear?

  • Hmm.. To live without a purpose .

Day or night?

  • I personally like the daylight as it is the time of the day that I’m productive but I LOVE the night as it is the time where I can lay back and enjoy the company of my love.  ❤ ❤

A long road trip or a short flight?

  • Long road trip..and a fewstop over to relax and enjoy the view!

If you wake up in a stranger’s apartment, what do you think would you possibly be doing the past night?

  • I was probably trying to master teleportation the past night *grins and wink* and then it finally become successful so *poooof* I’m in a strange apartment.. but it’s my first time and doesn’t know how to come back home so I’d sleep in there. *innocent smile*

Bunnies or Pandas?

  • Panda. We both love Pandas.

Would you like living in a populated megacity or a stranded island?

  • Stranded Island with Moon. ❤


Thank you , Ash! 😀


Question from The Glitters of Life , Sheetal.

Name one trait in you that you want to give up and why?

  • Trait? Hmmm..I’m a bit insensitive and it suck big time. I hate hurting another person’s feelings but I keep on failing because of it. I only realize that I’m wrong when someone tells me abt it..But if not, I’ll be clueless dumb.

What is your wildest fantasy?

  • Moon and I discussed this one and decided not to put them in writing . 😀 hmm.. It is not that wild tho. *evil grin*

Which place according to you will satisfy your craving for adventure?

  • Israel? Babylon ? Jerusalem? Iraq? Or any place that the bible mentioned. It is thrilling and exciting for I only imagine the places while reading . I would like to see them first hand.

What is your fashion statement?

  • Hmm.. fashion? I don’t know. I like comfy clothes and I  just grab clothes from cabinet without thinking anything . So, fashion statement? I dont think I have one.

If you are stranded on an island with a stranger how would you introduce yourself without saying your name?

  • I would say , Hello! I’m Sun. Lol 🙂

What is your signature statement/dialogue?

  • Not really a signature statement but I often ask, “Are you happy?” .

One thing you fear the most.

  • Living without a purpose .

How will you combat your weaknesses?

  • By enhancing my strong points. I do have a lot of weakness but I always remind myself that I have strong points too. I have my strengths that would help to over shadow my weaknesses . I’ll focus on those strengths instead of dwelling on what makes me weak.

Who is your favorite family member and why?

  • I love all of them but Mom is my fave. 🙂

If you are given a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, how would you do it?

  • HOW? Hmmm.. I’m not sure how but I’d like to make a difference by giving and introducing hope  in thier heart .

What was the first thought that crossed your mind while you read these questions?

  • “They are awesome questions, I’ll answer this even without a tag..” but then, I saw our name in the tag..So all good! Thanks.


Thank you, Sheetal!

So, I’m done.  Yeyyyy! It’s your turn now , nominees!

Sun’s question to nominees.

  • Describe your heart’s state in 6 words.
  • How old is your blog and how’s the experience so far?
  • Soft inside and  tough outside or tough outside but soft inside?
  • Gentleman or naughty? (For ladies) ; Hot or cute? (For Guys)
  • Have you ever experience rejection? and how did you cope up?
  • Biggest lie that you heard from your ex or if you are single/no ex yet- anyone that is special to you.
  • White or black?
  • PDA or discreet in showing affection?
  • Pizza or burger ?
  • Name a special or unforgettable place for you and why? 🙂
  • Sun or Moon?

If anyone who doesn’t have their name up the list wants to participate feel free to consider yourself nominated.



26 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag

  1. This was a great read and will certainly be great fun answering your questions. Thanks so much for the nomination, I greatly appreciate it 😁😘. You certainly deserve the tag😊


  2. How come I totally missed this! Thanks for tagging me, I’ll keep this on my mind! Seems we don’t receive notifications when someone links to us in a blog after all… I have to tell you in person then: I tagged both of you guys for the handwriting tag! 😀


      1. You’re welcome guys, just beware the tag takes longer than you’d normally expect! And also: I’ve been asking all around and someone told me that you need to link to a post for the other person to receive a notification.

        Liked by 1 person

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