Salamat! (Thank you!)

We would like to thank  Sheetal for this tag! πŸ™‚ Check out her blog The Glitters of Life and you can thank me later! πŸ™‚

Now every post comes with some rules :

  1. Name 3 things you are thankful for
  2. Nominate some fellow bloggers to continue the TAG
  3. Device a logo for your tag.


We have a lot of things that we are thankful for and we tried to squeeze them up into three. So, here’s what we got :

  • Life — In any form and any shape we are always and forever be thankful of the gift of life. Life given us so much! We experienced great and awesome things on earth because of it. We can breath and do things that we love because we still have the light of life. We are also thankful for every life and soul that is around us ,and yes, you are part of it! Thank youuu!!!!!
  • Love — Love is like a fuel of life. One can not say that he/she is living the life without love and we are thankful that we had found it. πŸ™‚ Just like life , love has it’s own unique shapes and form as well and we are glad to have found at least one.
  • Companionship — We belong to “alone most of the time but rarely lonely”-squad, Yes we are! But mind you , we are happy to have someone in company too. We are thankful of our closest friends that stayed and to our family. We love you all!

Now, we nominate our fellow blogger.


Wengie girl


Tyagi Payal





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