Beauty and the beast madness.

This is a fiction piece, inspired by the scene in the movie “Beauty and the Beast” where as Belle caught Beast reading a romance novel. He strongly denied it at first but later admitted it–shyly admitted that he is now reading and appreciates romance genre.

I just wonder how it would go if Beast tried being romantic and decided to write a letter to Belle.Β  So there you go, first letter from Beast.

Beast Letter (Asking Belle to be his date)

For Belle, (no! Too formal)

My lovely guest, (Woah. No. Too much!)

Beauty, (This is so obvious!)

Young lady, (She might think I’m old.)

Belle, (No. Too short.)

To our guest, (Hmm, This is better 😊)

Β Β Β 
You are lovely earlier. I can’t take my eyes off you that I can hardly finish what I am reading . I’m much more interested on everything that is written in your face than whatever is written in that book. I’ve read them all anyway. I have lots of them and they are all the same while you– you are my only one.

Β Β 
If I may ask, how can you be so beautiful and gorgeous day by day? Hmm, I bet you are more beautiful tomorrow than you are today. I can’t wait to see you! Can I see you before midnight so I can get a glimpse of you before you get so perfect? Please. Meet me at the balcony. I’ll be waiting for you to come. Let’s chat and eat delicious food prepared by the castle’s servant.


Prince of this Castle.

*Beast reads the letter draft. Then after a while, everything written above is scratched and deleted. (As expected!) Writes again.*


At the balcony . NOW!
Come or you’llΒ neverΒ be allowed to step in the library ever again.



It’s his first time to write a “love letter”, take it easy! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Β©Eclipse Stories Β°Eclipse


14 thoughts on “Beast

  1. So many emotions… lol. I loved the way it made me laugh in the beginning, the poignancy that cut like an erotic knife in the middle, and the big finish at the end, where the true self was revealed. One of the best things I’ve read today. Truly. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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