Written in Belle’s point of view.



Beauty and the Beast


I saw your anger ;

I hear you roar.

I saw your sadness ;

I hear you roar.

I hear your lonely roar ;

               They hear your raging roar.




I saw your face ;

I saw a prince.

I look at you ;

I found perfection.

I stared at you ;

                They didn’t even glanced.
I saw Beauty;

They saw Beast.



I saw Beauty in a Beast.



©Eclipse Stories °Sun




Poem inspired by the movie Beauty and Beast (Well, Obviously! Haha) . We’ve watched the movie last weekend and it’s so so good . We surely recommend it to all! ❤ ❤ ❤


27 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

    1. Thanks Payal. Hm.. I surely click and read every post that is in my feeds . I’m pretty much sure that I’ve seen yours atleast once. 🙂

      I’ll visit your blog later today,Payal. We are just a bit busy lately.

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