Randomantic . Is it random and romantic ?

Well, in a sense , yes! Randomantic is a fusion word of random and romantic. So basically it means being randomly romantic to someone special. The fusion is quite witty and sweet as it would tickle your thoughts to ask, ‘how it is to be a randomantic?’ or ‘Is randomantic better than just being romantic?’

I first heard the word randomantic when it was used as a title of the song that released here in the Philippines. It’s a song about a ‘randomatic’ guy who loves to surprise his girl with some breakfast in bed, a treat in a movie and some random stuff that would definitely melt every girls heart. His reason of doing it? Wala lang. Or if I have to translate it, it means Nothing special . He would just do  it randomly and that will make it so much special .

If I were to choose between a randomantic and romantic, I will choose randomantic.

I just wanna do simple random things to say , “I love you”.

-Randomatic by James Reid.

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10 thoughts on “Word rumble : Randomantic

  1. because “expected” romantic stuff like stupid valentine’s day is the same as saying happy birthday to a person you never talk to. It’s like a matter of being polite. random acts of showing love seem more genuine.

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    1. and you got it right! 🙂 that’s why I prefer random stuff and just do things out of the blue..like giving letter , asking for a one night date , going out in the movie without thinking abt the “movie” and much more hahaha

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