I’m serious with blogging..help me!

We’ve started this blog a month ago and we are on our rough start as we have some concerns and difficulties as a newbie.

A few of those  are the following :

we keep on changing theme, so many categories to write but no time to draft it in wordpress, we are inconsistently online, we don’t have specific topic to write (choices are ranging from Kpop to books and life thoughts) and we don’t know how to navigate wordpress or better to put it with “we don’t know the basics yet”. So anyone who is willing to help us out is welcome here .

Our first month is a bit loose and we want to improve. First, we want to improve the content of our blog. We believe that the content is the most important thing in blogging so with that being said, we pledge to write and schedule our post accordingly.

We are serious with this..
Here’s the list:

  • Short Poem – atleast 3 poem a week to be posted here starting Monday.
  • Short Story – once a week
  • Random blog (anything and everything under the sun and moon) – atleast once a month

We will stick with this list/schedule. Then , would probably write an update on April 1oth to let you know if we actually made it or not. We will strive harder this time!
You are welcome to be our reader and/or our critic. Thank you in advance.
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23 thoughts on “I’m serious with blogging..help me!

  1. One of the most important things I discovered in the early days of my blog here on WordPress is scheduling. It helps to keep my blog consistent and I can still post things on days when I am really busy. I try out new content now and again, but for the moment I have a weekly schedule that I am very happy with. Consistency is so important – it helps to establish your blog and lets people know what to expect. I hope to read that you’re happy with your achievements on April 10th!

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    1. We will stick to the schedule..and we’ll let you know what happens. Thank you so much, Laura. Be our critic and drop your comment when you saw us in your feeds. Let us know if we actually having a progress..cause we always doubting it. Lols.

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  2. Hello ✌😁 Actually it really does suck at the beginning, especially with views and likes at the bottom of the chart. But it does get better, I personally use YouTube for things I’d like to know how to do better while ending all my Google searches with *on WordPress* For example: How to add Google translate on WordPress.
    I hope I was of help and a great journey to you both. Welcome to the blogosphere 😁

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      1. Welcome 😁 one last thing, while checking my spam messages one day (I know, who does that? I do because I don’t want my invisible readers thinking I don’t care about them to and one could be very surprised on how helpful those feedbacks can be). Anyways one reader told me that my post were to boring cause they lacked images though I write brilliantly well, so now I try really hard to add something colourful, pictures or texts or both. I do think that in certain posts I do exaggerate abit but I stick with the feeling and as long as I like what I’ve done, others will too. Right? 😊

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      2. I do check spam messages too..glad that I’m not the only one. Yayyy! 😀
        Should I try putting some images too? Hmm..maybe. I’ll take note that suggestion.
        Yes, I agree. As long as we are happy with our output then it’ll pass that feeling to our fellow bloggers/readers.

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  3. About the content, start making drafts forehand. If you want to post 3 poems every week, keep 6 poems ready before the week starts. Poems are completely based on the muse. Usually, you could make a poem within 5 minutes but it can even take months for the muse to come to your mind. And short stories, this is very interesting. Short stories are best made with imagination and emotion since they are short and thus you’ll need to reach out to the readers. To find a muse on short story, keep observing your surroundings and I wager you’ll have many topics to write on. Hope I could help, if anything else please feel free to mail me.


  4. oh I can relate to your confusion guys. I recently started, too and I’m at a point where I also need to set my priorities straight. I thought I had all under control because I had a solid idea of what I want to write about in my blog but then another idea struck my mind and I’m sitting here thinking ‘do I have to start a separate blog for the other idea?’ ‘how can I put this all together in this one blog?’…the struggle is real guys! However I think it’s fine to experiment, things can’t and won’t be perfect right off the bat and we’ll make a lot of adjustments eventually. Looking forward to your update though 😀


    1. Yeaaahh! Planning is stressful and confusing for a newbie like us..but that won’t stop us from writing our thoughts right?and that is the most important thing in a blog –writing! 🙂 Happy writing!

      Btw, I like your name “New Moon Plan” 🙂 and ours is “Eclipse Stories” . Cuteee!


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      1. Of course everyone wants their blog to be perfect right off the bat but that’s rare if not impossible. I think change of style is healthy as we keep growing and evolving ourselves. Glad you like the blog name haha, yours is a really creative one! I wish you guys all the best with your blog, cheers!


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