Short Story : Cake, 2 minute read.



“Mommy ,mommy! My birthday is in two days , can I have a cake?”

“Of course honey. You will have your cake on your birthday but remember that we have an important person to meet today so hurry up and dress up! Your cake can wait.”

“Yes mommy! Did you bring flowers mom? He loves the white one right?”

“Yes, I know. It’s in the car already.”

“Okay I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Faster. I don’t want us to be late.”

“Oh! It’s okay mom! He won’t move even if we’re late.”

“I know. But still, I hate being late.”

In that place..

“Hi! Handsome .”

“Hi daddy! Here’s your flower.”

“How are you?”/”How are you daddy?” The daughter and a wife said in chorus but no voice answered them.

“I miss you ,dad! I’ll be four in two days and mommy said I’ll have my cake. I’ll have a chocolate flavor, right mom?”

Mom nods her head with some crystal tears falling down in her cheecks. She let it fall.

“You have your flowers today daddy..then I’ll have my cake in two days.” Said the daughter cheerfully.

“Two days.Β You could’ve just waited for two more days before you left , love. Two days and you could’ve at least see her smile.” A woman silently said to her gone love.

Β©Eclipse Stories Β°Sun

Dedicated to my late Kuya Pau. We miss you so much.


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