The viewers can only see the peculiarity of what is in front of them but the story behind this pretence is untold. More than the eyes can behold and behind the elegant curtains are the scenarios that are carefully concealed.



During my college year, I am in love with this profession. Our professors showed us the beauty of idealism. I came to believe that my duty is to free  our young minds from ignorance. To guide the heart of people to be good and heal the disappointments with hope. That we are here for them to learn the importance of justice and fairness.  To teach them to learn how to respect every individual. Help them to find happiness without harming others and to use intelligence for virtue and not for taking advantage.


I have no idea that that idealistic could also mean– illusive. We are supposed to furnish individual to reach their dreams, facilitate and to guide them but we became like a puppet, which is controlled by a puppeteer. The righteous one is being damage by the evil one. We are striving to do our plentiful of works while the controllers impart more of their works to us.

Statutes are against us without knowing that we are the one that are being abused and despised. Our beloved children abuse us by words, mocking and disrespecting us, while we give them unconditional love. They never know, we are being bullied. They never know, our hidden tears and pain. We are staying strong in front of others but deep inside we are dying. If our rules are for righteousness, then why do our voices aren’t being heard?

I guess this is the reality that they refused to tell us during our college years.  The reality that would crushed everything that you believed in. But you know what’s funny about this ? It’s that, I still want to believe that our profession is noble and nuance 

We still want to.

© Eclipse Stories ° Moon

In response to Daily Prompt : Nuance


11 thoughts on “Chained

  1. Well penned as a student I do agree that teachers put their heart and soul in their work and yet their work goes unnoticed! A sad scenario indeed.

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