A short story of Sun and Moon.



Sun shines brightly and energize the day. Moon gives light in the darkest hour of the night. Both, showers light and hope. Both have their own grounds to stand. They need no one nor seek for anyone attention as they both can stand alone and happy.

But in one strange day, the moon and sun meets. Moon was captivated by sun’s brightness. Sun was mesmerized by moon’s beauty.

They both knew it will be just a glimpse of a second. They knew it will be just a quick meeting..but both didn’t stop from trying again.

They keep on trying until they’d finally granted a chance to meet once in every 18 months mostly during newmoon.This is the reason why it’s rare for them to be seen together in your naked eye.

It takes time for them to meet but every time the Moon and Sun meets, something phenomenal is happening and it is now called– Eclipse.

Once every lunar eclipse, you should be able to see me smile! — Sophie Turner

© Eclipse Stories ° Sun


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