Playful kiss

A kiss that turns the table around. Her so called magic kiss that melts my heart and soul– breaks and crushed my inner wall.

We’ve met after 2 years of not seeing each other through our mini reunion of close friends in High School . We both thought that we’ve moved on until she become playful.


Playful kiss

It feels good spending a day with my old friends . I surely missed everyone but my heart aches for the one I ‘truly‘ missed. It was actually nice seeing her again but I just hope that she’s not this beautiful to tempt me again. I miss her smile, her laugh , her cute gestures and the sound of her voice when she speaks. I miss everything about her and my heart bleeds of the thought that I can’t be with her. Meeting her today makes me realize that those years I spent in desperation trying to  forget her is a waste. I can never forget her. She will always be in my heart.

I acted as if it’s not a big deal that she’s around. I tried my best not to be obvious that I am trying so hard not to be near her. I was pretty good at this, I smiled I laughed and I tell stories that makes everyone laugh but every time she laugh, I would steal a glance and smile with a thought in my head, ‘Good job! You make her laugh.’ .

The day was soon be over, we bid our goodbyes and gives each other a warm hug. Everyone is still hyped for seeing familiar faces after a long time and pledge to find time early next year to meet up again. A laughter from here and there can be heard as we wait for the next cab to be arrive . I stand still and silently congratulate myself for not trying to steal someone else’s girl. Then suddenly,  I heard someone is calling my name and so I shifted my head to her and before I knew it, her lips landed in to mine. I felt a hunch in my stomach and I fought the urge to shut my eyes close and grab her. The time stopped and my heart melted for a moment.

Did we just kissed?

I don’t know for how long we were in that position before I took one step back and look at her.

‘Sorry..’ was the first word that I heard from her before she explained that it’s not her intention to kiss me on the lips but just a friendly kiss on the cheeks. She said, she was just playing around and not to take it seriously. She even blamed me for it and said it’s my fault that I shifted my head when she’s about to kiss. I refuse to gave her an apology as I believe it’s not my fault and I don’t  feel sorry for it at all as we were both sober and still in good shape. She goes on and on and say sorry to me endlessly before she finally gave in and engage me with a warm hug and giggled quite few times. I didn’t say a word and just gave her a proper friendly kiss then left with a smile in my lips.

We separate ways again that day but I know something has change.
If she is sorry that she kissed me then I’m so sorry, cause I will not be sorry taking her back. I’m done waiting . I’m done with just watching her from afar. It’s time for me to finally make her mine. She belongs to me anyway.

© Eclipse Stories ° Sun


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  1. Oh sorry but you really have to check the conjugations and orthograph in your posts. You add “s” at the end of a verb where it ain’t necessary cause you used the past tense before,ect.

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