Dear Student

An open letter to all of my student. – Moon


Dear Student

To all of my student,

         Your smile is luminous. I hope this will never fade. Seek for your happiness inside your heart. Do the things that makes you happy but consider others welfare as well. True happiness will unfold the real you and share this blessedness to others. Let your beauty shine through your smile.

          You look innocent. You are too young to understand a lot of things. But take it easy, there is always a time for everything. In the future, you will encounter a lot of difficulties. As you grow, your world is also growing. But you are adequate for it. Never give up. Success are for those who knows not to give up.

          You seem not interested. But you have your potential. Take time to listen, you can also find learning even to the people you think are ignorant. You are intelligent. Enhance it with the help of those already have experience.

      Someday you will be part of this society. Lead your generation to be honorable. We are entrusting you the future. Spread love and take care of this world.


Your Teacher

© Eclipse Stories ° Moon


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