7 things you should consider before you confess ..

Are you planning to confess ? Are you ready to spill it and finally be free from untold feelings? Well, I hope you consider this first before you confess..

Is he or she aware of your existence?

Lets go straight to the point, let your existence be known to him or her before you confess your love . It would be a complete mess if you just suddenly appear to her and say, “Hey ! I like you.” It works fine in movies but it’s a no no in reality.

Did you atleast give an effort to be known ?

Don’t just sit there and wait for right timing. It is good to wait for  that moment but heyyy! Do something while waiting! Effort is a good way to start the game. Find something that you are good at and use it on your advantage. As for me, I’m ‘good’ at writing so I write love notes and poems , as simple as that will let them know that an admirer exist!

Is he or she responsive?

What is his/her usual response when you do something for him/her?  Smiling? Annoyed? Or just being polite? Carefully observe their response as that will guide you if you would go step ahead or take a step back with your ‘effort’. Stepping back doesn’t mean that you are giving up but it is actually a chance for you to gear up and change your game plan. If plan A didn’t work then what’s the point of using it still? But if it does , then it’s all good!
Look for a  not-so-obvious signs or hints.

Some people are just lucky to have a partner that is super responsive that building an agreement of mutual understanding is never a problem  to them but for some, it is like picking some puzzle pieces in the dark. If you are in the latter , looking for a not-so-obvious signs might help.

Copying your common expression or gestures are actually a sign of him/her being responsive to you. A gesture of his/her hands while talking might be a bit familiar to you.. Is it a gesture of yours? Yes? Nice then! It is called mirroring in Psychology ,it is a sub conscious act of copying the person that is somehow influential to you . Having an influence is a good sign of him/her being in to you.

Consider asking a friend.

You might just be lost somewhere while trying to deal with his/her response. The response is sometimes under a little bit of a yes or a no and it’s quite confusing to tell if your plan is working or not, so in this case, you should consider asking a friend. Ask their unbias friend for some feedback. That friend will confirm to you if things is working on your advantage or not.

Be a Randomantic (Random Romantic)

Your plan A , B or etc might be working good for now but remember that you should never stick to the old plan. Consider adding spice to your move. Be a randomantic and surprise them with a flower (for gentlemen) or listen to their sentiments instead of talking (applies mostly in women). It’s up to you to surprise your love one, there’s so many ways that you can choose. Find something that will suit you and him/her.

Are you sincere ?

This is the most important thing of them all. So, are you sincere ? Are you sincere enough to confess? Is that what you really wanted to do? If yes, then go ahead and confess your love. You can look for a sign, be a randomantic or be yourself in your  plans but a sincere heart will make a real difference for you to consider.
So, what do you think? Are you ready to confess ? I hope you are ’cause clock is ticking and another muse or lad might snatch your chance to be in that moment so make a move. Good luck! 🙂

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