Sun’s day Entry #1 — I’m definitely not an Extrovert!

A mixture of my inner introverted personality and my natural self of having an extrovert behaviour confused a lot of people sometimes .


Sun’s day Entry #1 — I’m definitely not an Extrovert!

I headed office early today and I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone. I guest that my inner ‘introvert’ personality is kicking in today and my body is urging me to rest and look for a peaceful place where I can think and recharge . Oh ! How I wish I have that luxury to rest in the middle of our office’s hell week but no, I can’t have that ‘rest’ yet . Maybe next week but not this week and it’s kind of frustrating for me as I feel that I really need it. Atleast, a peaceful place where I can just sit and be with myself but sadly, I can’t do that in the office.

Colleagues asking me if I’m okay is adding pain in me. I really appreciate their concern but I don’t want to be engage in small talks. I could just smile and nod my head or sometimes would gesture a thumbs up to them. I’m okay,guys! What they don’t understand is that I’m perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong. I just need time to rest and relax. Well ,maybe not everyone could relate to this but I sometimes have this urge to be alone and not to talk to anyone or to socialize . Weird as it may sound but it’s actually an outlet for me to regain energy.

I’m a loud and friendly type of person, but for some reason I can’t fully consider myself as an extrovert because of this scenarios of my life. My mind and body is aching to be alone and it happens to me from time to time. I would wake up one morning feeling exhausted and drained to even talk or listen to the world but what all I need is atleast a day of my alone time. Yes, that’s it! Once I regain my energy , I come back stronger!

Ugh! I just couldn’t wait for this week to end. I need rest. I need to recharge.

PS : So what do you think, am I an extrovert or introvert? Or maybe an ambivert?

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10 thoughts on “Sun’s day Entry #1 — I’m definitely not an Extrovert!

  1. This used to be a constant internal struggle for me until I learned more about being an introvert and how we need that time to recharge. From what I gather people are generally a bit of both (extrovert/introvert) but we tend to lean more heavily towards one side in an overall sense. But we can show tendancies from our non-dominant side as well. For instance, i can give a presentation in front of a room of strangers, but I hate being at a party and being forced to mingle.

    I found a book from Susan Cain to be quite enlightening. If your interested I would encourage you to take a peek and see if it’s relevant to you. It was called “Quiet, the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking”.

    Great blog btw.

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    1. Oh ? We have the same situation.. I can talk and report infront of the crowd and I can also start a conversation to anyone but when my inner introversion is kicking.. I can barely do any of those. I just want to.shut up and look for a peaceful place.

      I’ll go check that book.

      Thanks. -Sun

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  2. I think that you are the only one who can define your own self. Whether or not others understand that doesn’t really matter, it’s all about you and your well being. Everybody has that urge and need to be alone, and when that happens, only you know the remedy to that. Just don’t let it spoil your relationship with others. So I would say you are you 😁


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