Message For You 7 years ago.

As far as I can remember, this is how I felt during those times that I believed that I am suffering a tragic heart ache because of my unrequited love for you.- Moon.


[English Translate]

Am I special to you? Am I the only one who’s recieving this kind of attention from you? Or do you also share your thoughts to others like you share your ideals and principles with me? Cause you know what? In my case, you are the second person that I share my thoughts with. Who’s the first one? It’s myself. I have a weird point of you in life or mainly with everything that’s why I restrict myself from sharing them to others. My thoughts were all for myself only until you came and just like that, I have found myself sharing my weird ideas and point of views to you.

I admire you and I want to believe that what we have is different and special but reality would strike everytime I realize that I’m not the only one who admires you. I’m just one of your admirers, you probably share your thoughts to others too.
I want to claim you. I want you to be mine and mine only. It annoys me if someone is trying to get your attention from me. It also makes me mad when I feel like that they have succeeded and I failed keeping your attention to me. I just can’t help but to burst out my temper to you. This is the main reason of my ‘unexplainable’ mood swing.

My love for you changes everything about me. I previously thought that I can handle being a so called ‘queen of ice’ forever but because you are the Sun , you melted the cold heart of mine. The ice that wraps my heart can not go against your rays of warmth and so my heart is now warm and alive.
I know it is selfish for me to ask for this ,but I hope that someday you will love me as much as I love you. I hope someday, you will see me in the other light.

Me(7 years ago)

© Eclipse Stories

° Moon (Original Text) 

°Sun (English Translate)

[Original Text]

Espesyal ba ko sayo? Saken ka lang ba ganito makipag-usap? or nagseshare ka rin ba sa iba? Nagsasabi ka din ba ng mga thought mo sa iba? Kase ako, ikaw ang pangalawang taong sinasabihan ko ng mga thought ko.. sino ang una?? ang sarili ko.. weird kase ang mga point of view ko kaya hindi ko sila sineshare sa iba kaya bukod sa sarili ko. sayo ko palang naishare ang mga yun..

Maraming humahanga sayo.. kaya marahil pati sila alam ang mga thoughts mo.. mahalaga ba ko sayo? gusto kong isipin na oo pero minsan sinasampal ako ng realidad na hindi lang naman ako.. isa lang ako sa maraming tao na hinahangaan ka..

I want to claim you.. Gusto ko akin ka lang at naiinis ako kapag tingin ko ngsusuccess ang iba na kunin ang atensyon mo mula saken.. kaya madalas ako magsungit kapag kasama moko pero biglang mababaling sa iba ang atensyon m..

Binago ng love ko sayo ang lahat ng tungkol saken.. akala ko kaya kong maging queen of ice habang buhay.. pero dahil ikaw ang araw tinutunaw mo ng paunti unti ung mga yelo na nakapalibot sa puso ko.. Ang selfish ng hihilingin ko pero sana balang araw mahalin mo ko na kagaya ng pagmamahal ko sayo..

Me(7 years ago)

© Eclipse Stories

° Moon (Original Text) 

°Sun (English Translate)


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